Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year + Aspire Workshop


Hi all! This week is a post about my passion; food photography! I’m sure it will be a subject that will feature heavily on my blog, so if your passion is food or photography or you’re just starting out in the industry like me, then this blog will be for you!

Today I want to tell you about the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year award. Every year, food photographers from around the world (professionals and amateurs) enter their images into this competition. It’s a massive thing and even to make the short list is an honour! There are a variety of categories from ‘food in the field’ to ‘food portraiture’ and there’s even a category for film makers and also children! You can be a winner of a category as well as winning the overall competition. The grand prize is a huge £5000 as well as a hell of a lot of publicity! It is definitely a dream of mine to make the short list, as you get invited to the VIP awards in London where you can meet the likes of David Loftus amongst other well known photographers and chefs!

I did enter this year but sadly didn’t get very far! But not to worry, there’s always next year! I did however, get to go to the exhibition in London where they showcase all the entries that made the short list. (This is also a bonus of making the short list – your images are displayed in London for a few days where the public can browse them free of charge at the Mall Galleries).

This wasn’t the only reason I travelled all the way to London; I also took part in a complimentary food photography workshop lead by Aspire Photography Training.

apple workshopThe workshop lasted 2 hours in total. For the first half an hour, we were given a mini presentation (whilst munching on our complimentary Pink Lady apple, yum!) and then were divided into little groups and given free range to play with all the props we could ever need! The subject of our shots was of course apples!

The Simple AppleUsing only apples as the subject, it really pushed my creativity and forced me to think about how I was going to shoot them. I also wanted to use props that I don’t normally use in my own images to see what mood they would create. I ended up really liking the pewter plate against the dark background. I will have to invest in more props like this so I can experiment further! It was also great being in groups as we bounced off each other’s ideas. It was a slow start at first but once I got into the flow of setting up the shot, taking a few snaps, I’d get another idea that I’d set up afterwards! Ideally I would have used a tripod to get a nice sharp focus, but the tripod that was available wasn’t playing nice with me!

Apples and slice Apple slice props

I really enjoyed this hands-on approach and highly recommend getting yourself a little set-up by a window and gathering all the props you can find to experiment with! Even props you think you might not use as you never know what you will come up with! One of the props available to us was an old cheese grater. Why would you put a cheese grater with an apple I hear you say? But one of the ladies in the group took a beautiful shot of someone grating an apple! Genius!


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