Practise and Progress

I first started photographing food while in my second year of university in 2011. I was doing a studio photography assignment about people and their profession which involved shooting a portrait and 3 still life images to reflect their profession. I chose to shoot my Mom who is a weight loss consultant and one of the still life images I shot was of a pasta salad. This was the moment my passion was born.

I remember setting up the shot; table cloth, fork, a glass of water and finally the plate of pasta mixed with colourful vegetables. (Sadly I no longer have the image). I loved that I had created a narrative for my image with just a few props! When compared with taking photos of people, to have that control and freedom with the props meant that I could be as creative as I liked!

After that, I began to research and experiment with food photography. I discovered that I prefer natural light rather than studio lighting. Due to my huge sweet tooth, I started out shooting sweet treats and baked goods and you will most likely see that the majority of my work today is sweet!

-Both images taken 2012

During my final year of university, I chose to do my dissertation on food photography and learnt a great deal during this time. As well as a written report, I had to produce a ‘practical’ piece so I submitted a food photo calender with an image for each month. Looking back at these images now, I can see how far I’ve come. So very far!

9 Chocolate Chip Cookies

-Left: taken 2012, right: taken 2015

Even now I still have a lot to learn but seeing my images from then and comparing with my current work just shows what I’ve achieved so far. This tells me that all that time and effort spent researching and practising hasn’t gone to waste! The ups and downs, the mistakes and crap shoots that don’t make my pages, the moments I’ve felt like giving it all up and subjecting myself to my boring 9 to 5 office job for the rest of my life, have all been part of my learning experience! I’ve continued to teach myself after graduating and I’m still learning and improving but my advice to anyone in a similar position is to keep going! If you love it enough, don’t give up! Take time to look back at your progress and see how far you’ve come! You might come to see that oh actually, it’s not been a big waste of time and that maybe you are getting somewhere even if it doesn’t feel like it! Sometimes a bit of perspective is all you need! 😉

2 pancakes

-Left: taken 2012, right: taken 2014

7 Chocolate Cupcake

-Left: taken 2012, right: taken 2015

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