What I’ve been up to!

Hello, long time no blog! I’m useless I know! I will get better I promise!

I went to a photography studio open evening the other night which is such a great idea! For those that don’t know what it is, my local studio opens it’s doors every second Wednesday evening of the month and welcomes local photographers in to chat and shoot! It’s free of charge and it really is a great way to meet people as well as get some free shots for your portfolio! I’ve only been living in Wiltshire for a year a half and don’t really know anyone in my area so for me it’s great to meet local photographers and get advice! I really want to start making money from photography. It’s all I ever want to do! But how to get into it, I have no clue! I’m following all the advice I possibly can so any thing that any one can offer is always appreciated!

Food is definitely what I’d love to shoot full time, but I understand that it doesn’t always work out like that and sometimes you have to shoot other things to make extra money. I’d be more than happy to shoot anything as long as it gets me in the photography door so to speak!

I’ve been told about a local company that offers courses on going self emplyed so I’m definitely going to look into that as well as thinking about doing a business day course with Aspire Photography Training. I’ve also been trying to use social media a lot more including my Instagram. I changed my name to something more appropriate: @zoemageephoto and been posting a photo at least once a day! My Instagram is also linked to my Twitter so every photo gets tweeted too!


Twitter is also good for the ‘hours’. Here’s a list of the ones I use:
Monday #tfchour – The Freelance Club hour – great for studio, portrait and wedding photographers, make up artists and models.
Tuesday #Wiltshirehour #Bathhour and #Brizzlehour – businesses advertising locally
Wednesday #Cotswoldshour and #chippyhour – More local areas for me to advertise.
Thursday #photographerhour – general tips on photography and a great way to share your portfolio. Each week seems to have a theme for example, this week was all about wildlife photography which isn’t something I know anything about but the tweets are still enjoyable!

These are all the ones I’ve found so far – if anyone knows of any more I could use, particularly to do with food photography perhaps, let me know!


Next for me is to work on my website! I need to spice things up a bit on there I think, especially my about me! Again, any suggestions welcome, but I have a few ideas and will be working over the weekend on that!


That’s me for now but hoping to post again this weekend! Thanks to everyone who reads this far! Feel free to drop me a comment as it’s always nice to know who’s reading my little space on the internet!


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